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In Dorset? I certainly do.

Posted by Alix on 16 August 2008

I’ve decided not to write about Paris. For one thing it was a while ago now, and for another I think I can sum it up as dusty, expensive and hot. Instead let’s think about Swanage – I went there for a spot of camping the other weekend and it was lovely. Terrible weather of course, but it’s a very sweet town. Our campsite was up a forbiddingly steep hill, but with smashing views as a result (captured during the traditional ‘weather has suddenly improved now that we are leaving’ window):

It was too rainy to spend any time on the beach but we had a wander about there anyway, as beaches in the rain are appealing in their own way. Plenty of boats, and the pier is decorated with hundreds of metal plaques (which I assume you can buy and get engraved in a kind of pier sponsorship scheme). They bear a range of messages from the frivolous to touching memorials:

The subtle differences between growing up near the sea and growing up inland were highlighted on the Saturday evening during the RNLI fundraising fireworks display where there was a type of firework which showered down into the sea and then upon touching the water set off into a whole new firework! I was very impressed; I’d never seen anything like it before. I have to say, that was the best bit of the trip.

They have a particularly charming weather noticeboard as well:

So. Go to Swanage, but aim for better weather than this..

(more photos here)


3 Responses to “In Dorset? I certainly do.”

  1. Elly said

    OK, the fireworks? Maybe I’m a little envious…

  2. Gerry said

    Love the noticeboard. Reminds me of an old pub or chip shop price list.

  3. laughingowl said

    It’s ace, isn’t it? I imagine a chap in a souwester changing the letters each day, idly reminiscing about the time when there was still a ‘u’ in ‘outlook’.

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