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A tiny tiny snail

Posted by Alix on 21 July 2008

Micro Snail (Helix aspersa), originally uploaded by Islip Flyer.


9 Responses to “A tiny tiny snail”

  1. Wif said

    What a vonderful picture. Did your father take it, then?

  2. laughingowl said

    Yes, he did. Are you who I think you are?

  3. Wif said

    I’m your wif!

  4. laughingowl said

    I thought as much. Darling.

  5. Wif said

    Well, I should hope so too. All cats look the same in the dark though, don’t they say. Do they say?

  6. laughingowl said

    I have never heard that idiom. You’ve made it up.

  7. Angela G. said

    I’m not much the photographer, and I’ve been trying to find some information lately and not having much luck. This is a wonderful picture of a very cute little snail.

    I’ve been looking for a way to take close-up picture such as this, and have learned that one must have a camera which will shoot macro. I think this is right. However, I don’t know what degree of macro enabled camera to get….and, is this something I can get on a more typical camera, or is this an attachment for an attachment capable camera?

    I really don’t know much, but figure if you know the person who took this, maybe you would know or they would know. If possible, I need to find a camera under $300 which has capability to do good close-up shots, and normal shots also.

    Any info appreciated…

  8. laughingowl said


    If you click the link above the photo it should take you the flickr page of the person (my dad) who took the photo – leave a comment asking what camera he’s using – I’m sure he’ll be more than happy to tell you! As far as I know it’s a fairly standard camera, so hopefully you should be able to find something similar within your budget..

    Thanks for commenting, always nice to see new people here!

  9. Angela G. said

    just saying “thanks!”…your contact at flickr is going to give me some guidance for my camera search.

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