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Still here

Posted by Alix on 13 July 2008

I’m back! Finally. At the end of May the internet and tv stopped working at home, because Tiscali Home-Choice is shit, so I spent a few weeks making essentially pointless yet angering phone calls to Tiscali Home-Choice where they misinformed me and were generally absolutely terrible in terms of customer service* – fair enough,  I am not named on the account, but just tell me outright that you won’t deal with me rather than taking me round the houses trying to locate the fault and then saying ‘well we’d like to send an engineer out…but we can’t because you’re not the account holder. Can the account holder contact us?’. Well no, he is somewhere in Europe for the next few weeks, and I don’t think he’ll be able to reach the switches when you ask him to turn the set top box off and on again.

I think I could handle their so-called customer ‘service’ if the actual service provision was any good, but it wasn’t, and never was – we were on our 3rd (I think) replacement set top box, the picture was prone to bizarre episodes of becoming suddely polarised in shades of neon and parts of the picture would freeze whilst the rest of the picture carried on as normal – a frankly terrifying habit. That was on good days – on bad days the service would just stop working and say it was unavailable. Plus their new music videos channel was about 75% thrash metal, hardly worth the £6 a month extra.

So, we’ve ditched Tiscali Home-Choice and fixed up Freeview, and got an new internet provider, and so far things are going very well. The month I spent not watching TV has been great – after the initial cold turkey wore off I found myself feeling much happier and less distracted, and more focused, and now that I have access to TV again I’ve barely been watching it. It’s mostly crap that I can do without. I admit I had to make elaborate plans during the TV drought to get to see Dr Who and the Apprentice, but aside from those there was nothing I missed. If I was feeling charitable I could say that Tiscali Home-Choice did me a favour. But I’m not.

Hopefully I’ll get back into the swing (if I was ever in it) of blogging – I went to Paris, so I need to write that up at least. Everything else I’ve missed might get written off as Dark Ages.

*one call I made to them involved a mumbling woman putting me on hold after every sentence she said, without letting me know she was doing so, and as there was no hold music/ noise I was in the dark as to whether we’d been cut off, or if she was waiting for a response or what, and about the tenth time it happened I realised about 5 minutes into being on ‘hold’ that I had in fact been cut off.


One Response to “Still here”

  1. Elly said

    Huzzah! Willkommen back!

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