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Phil Coy’s Wordland short

Posted by Alix on 12 April 2008

Last week I went to the Arcola Theatre in Dalston to see a short film called Wordland by Phil Coy. It’s about coastal erosion in Norfolk. It was being screened with a live cello soundtrack performed by Alexander Tucker, and it was really rather moving. I can’t quite explain how – I was surprised by how menacing the portrayal of the sea felt, for a lot of black and white footage of waves, very gradually building from a quiet sea to a storm, intercut with interviews with locals talking about the storm of 1953. It’s all quite abstract, and the soundtrack fitted very nicely with the footage. It was free at the Arcola, and although it was only on for the one evening the flyer I picked up on the way out says it’s being shown in Norfolk in May as well (details on the Wordland website). For Hackney types there’s an exhibition at City Projects (44 Brooksby Walk, E9) until the 27th of this month. I shall try to go along.


2 Responses to “Phil Coy’s Wordland short”

  1. Elly said

    Cant’ believe you haven’t reviewed Stifter’s Dinge yet! Or the dinner we had afterwards!

  2. laughingowl said

    I’ve been busy! I’ll try and get it done this weekend though!

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