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FriendFeed is where I am at, today

Posted by Alix on 22 March 2008

I’ve signed up to FriendFeed, to see how it works, after reading about ‘lifestreaming’ here (via Russell Davies). So far I’m liking it – I shan’t really try to explain the concept but essentially it corrals some of your regular internet haunts, much like an RSS aggregator does, but for places like Flickr, Last.fm and del.icio.us, so you can see when your contacts update. I do have some qualms about restricting the amount of places I visit online, and I’ve heard this from other people – the idea that you are viewing content secondhand, rather than visiting the site in question, and if you’re thinking about the popularity of a site in terms of visitor stats (a system I’ve always found somewhat meaningless), then perhaps there is something to this, but I find, with something like Google Reader that I travel much more widely around the internet – as a sifting tool it has become invaluable to me. I am essentially lazy, and therefore much more unlikely to make the effort if there’s too much work involved. Sad but true, I guess. I think one of the things I shall use FriendFeed for is to get updates on sites like Boing Boing – I deleted their feed from my Google Reader as the frequency of updates was just too great for me to keep up with, however, on FriendFeed it just shows the title of the post, and from there I can choose whether I click through or not, so from zero visits to their site, they will now get a couple a week, perhaps more.  So, I’m not sure how I feel about it yet, but I’m going to see how it goes. I am certainly attracted to the concept of having a central hub from which to launch myself into the internet from. It looks like it’ll be much more fun with other people (no, I am not being paid to recruit people!) so if you fancy being my friend in this corner of the internet my profile is here. Knock yrselves out.


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