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Centro Portugues de Fotografia

Posted by Alix on 25 February 2008

foto.jpgAs mentioned previously I was in Porto last week – it was a very nice holiday, hugely relaxing, beautifully sunny, great food, friendly locals, cheap port, lethal aguardente, greasy potatoes etc etc. There’s a load of photos on Flickr, of course. Amongst other things we visited the Centro Portugues de Fotografia – a photography museum housed in the huge, very solid old prison. Out of the four exhibitions on when we visited three were excellent (the fourth Fast City & Days of Night by Morten Andersen was pretty dreadful) . One exhib was a huge collection of cameras and camera equipment, and I mean absolutely huge, I came out of it thinking I’d probably seen all the cameras that have ever existed. The other two exhibitions were Flor Garduño’s Testemunhos do Tempo and João Leal’s Night Order, the first being a collection of black and white photos of Mexican and Mesoamerican peoples. The image were initially unassuming, but on closer inspection revealed a pleasing depth. Night Order was exhibited in a darkened room on lightboxes, and was a range of night landscapes, in luminous greens and yellows picked out of a black background. They really were lovely, haunting scenes. So, if you’re in Porto, get yrself along there (if you’re not in Porto, sorry).


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