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she used to sit in this cafe, and just face the wall. And it wasn’t coffee she was drinking

The Great Wall of Clapton

Posted by Alix on 27 January 2008


As mentioned on Claptonian a couple of months back, Great Wall cash and carry on the Lower Clapton Road sells a vast range of noodles and other rather useful ingredients and grocery items, I popped in earlier to get some hoi sin sauce and udon noodles, and also picked up this, as for 55p who could resist!? They’re nice and friendly in there, plus anywhere with live eels in the window is good. I’m pleased that I’ve now got somewhere local to pick up Chinese bits and pieces rather than going into Chinatown, where I will inevitably get distracted from the business in hand and instead eat my weight in pork buns from the Kowloon Bakery.

In other local news just now there was 5 minutes of fireworks, I guesstimate coming from Newick Road, so a really great view from my front window, which was nice, but really sodding loud for midnight, even on a Saturday (curmudgeon alert!).


2 Responses to “The Great Wall of Clapton”

  1. nice work putting it next to yr jar of SMAK

  2. laughingowl said

    It’s good to keep these things in the same place. The Smak jar originally contained sauerkraut, those aren’t Smak lentils..

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