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My (terrible) top 8 music videos of the year list

Posted by Alix on 31 December 2007

I thought about doing a top 5 music videos of the year thing back at the start of December, came up with a few candidates, then forgot all about it. Since I’ve spent the previous week basically out of action due to flu (yes, actual flu. A cold is a cold, and this was not that) I’m feeling like my holidays have been wasted on illness. I have very literally done absolutely nothing for days. Barely left the house, barely eaten, full of (non-fun) drugs, 12 hours of tv a day etc etc. I feel like I have been lobotomised, I still can’t think properly; happily my brain isn’t capable of caring much about this yet. It cares a bit though, so in order to trick myself into feeling like the holiday season hasn’t been completely wasted on stupid illness I’m going to give my top videos of the year a shot. Unfortunately I’ve forgotten which videos I liked, and I’m quite tired tonight, so this list is , er, non-scientific, let’s say. I also don’t have anything worthwhile to say about them either.
1. Turn On Me – The Shins

2. 1 2 3 4 – Feist

3. What’s A Girl To Do – Bat For Lashes

4. Overpowered – Roisin Murphy

5. Fidelity – Regina Spektor

6. Friend of the Night – Mogwai

7. Siberia – Charlotte Hatherley

8. It’s All True – Tracey Thorn

I am considering buying a nice Matte Stephens print as a present to myself to make up for the lost holidays, but I shouldn’t really. Should I?

Finally, I’ve been trying to do something with the tags on my posts, but it’s driving me mad. I might just accept a bit of chaos here. WRT categories I’ve been having similar ‘fuck it’ type thoughts.


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