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she used to sit in this cafe, and just face the wall. And it wasn’t coffee she was drinking

On The Move

Posted by Alix on 27 December 2007

(originally posted on robotears.blogspot.com) 

My blogging sabbatical only made me think of more things I wanted to blog, but I’ve restrained myself. I have been up to other things instead – namely migrating this blog over to WordPress.com. I’ve found WordPress much easier to use compared to Blogger – too often has Blogger arbitrarily altered my text size, or changed the language settings to German, or added random line breaks. Plus it’s nice to be able to upload more than one image per post. Ideally I’d like to go to WordPress.org, but I’m not 100% certain that it’s time for me to actually buy a domain name, which is a requirement. Seems a bit too much like commitment.

This lack of commitment on my part has some, admittedly minor, implications for the new blog’s appearance, namely that the ‘badges’ for Flickr, Google Reader and Last.fm as found in the current sidebar are not present, as such (they are now simply links to the relevant profiles, &c). WordPress.com does not allow you to edit the html, or add Javascript to the template. This is where Blogger is better, and it seems somewhat backward on WordPress.com’s part, but it is too late – I have already spent an afternoon fiddling with the new blog, and I’m damned if I’m shelving it all now.

It may be misguided but I am basing my thinking around this on my own blog reading behaviour. To explain – I mainly read blogs via a rss aggregator, and rarely actually visit people’s blogs (being a shy commenter on the whole). This means I don’t really care if a blogger has a range of lovely badges to demonstrate their musical taste/ photographic prowess &c. This isn’t to say I am not interested in these things, but if I am then I am happy to visit their site, then click through a link leading to, eg, a Flickr user profile. So I think I can live without the badges on the new site, fun as they were. I hope others follow my logic here. Basically, if you’re interested enough, a couple extra clicks shouldn’t put you off.

Anyway, the blog is now here, it’d be lovely if all my readers could find it in themselves to follow me over there! The appearance and sidebars might yet undergo a few changes whilst I decide what I like best, but everything else will be the same as before.

(One thing I particulary like about the move is I’ll be shedding the URL here, which I’ve always felt made me look like some terrible emo-electro type, which really wasn’t the intention. It is meant to be ‘Robot Ears’ – derived from a mishearing on my part of the ‘roboteers’ from Robot Wars, not bloomin’ ‘Robo Tears’).

Hope you all had smashing Christmases (I didn’t, I got flu. I haven’t left the house in days, and have barely eaten anything, aside from a heady cocktail of paracetamol, Lemsip, Lockets, Sudafed, sleeping tablets and Veno’s. Fucking great).


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