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Vampires to Yggdrasil

Posted by Alix on 11 November 2007

Final installment of general knowledge. I hope it’s been enjoyable, I have learned a few things along the way at least.

in Vampires– “dead wizards, heretics and other outcasts become vampires”

I have never heard this – I thought it was just people attacked by vampires that turned into them. I need to consult my copy of the Usborne Guide to the Supernatural World.

Western Australia– “is a land of oddities. For instance amongst its characteristic vegetation, flowers have no scent, ferns grow as tall as telegraph poles, trees throw no shadow and cherries have their pips outside….The country contains, naturally, no milk giving animal and no flour giving grasses, which helps to account for the very backward ‘civilisation’ of the natives – the savagest in the world”

I am hoping that some of these ‘facts’ were meant to be read as specific instances of oddity, rather than generalisations across, say, all flowers, but it reads like a description of an alien planet.

Yggdrasil– “is a Scandanavian corruption of the Christian cross”

What with Yggdrasil being a feature of Norse mythology and Norse mythology predating Christianity I fear that that is fact is somewhat misguided.

(nothing of note for Z, weirdly).


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