Fat Hands

she used to sit in this cafe, and just face the wall. And it wasn’t coffee she was drinking

Rainbows to Tipping

Posted by Alix on 11 November 2007

Almost done!

Rainbow in the Morning– “is a shepherd’s warning because it indicates the advance of a rain-cloud from the west when the east is clear…A rainbow at night indicates the passing of a rain-cloud to the east when the west is clearing”

This is a different take on the usual ‘red sky in the morning’ proverb, I’d never heard of this one, but it appears (scroll down to ‘Rainbows and Proverbs’) to be reasonably well-known, and to have a few rhymes of it’s own. I wonder if maybe ‘red sky’ is a corruption of ‘rainbow’?

Second Sight– “was formerly quite common, but the world is too prosaic and matter-of-fact now to contain many souls pure enough and exalted enough in mind to be endowed with that power”

The longest entry so far is the one on Tips in Country Houses, which I shan’t reproduce in full, as it’s half a page long! Here’s an extract:

“the matter of gifts to housemaids and women servants in general is one which only the feminine mind is competant to grapple. Here again however, it is safe to say that English ladies who seldom visit without a maid, give little; and American ladies, whether they take a maid or not, give too much”


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