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From Game to Laughter

Posted by Alix on 11 November 2007

Onwards to G.I wonder, am I boring everyone senseless with this?

in Game- ” the correct names for collections of the various kinds of ‘game’ : a covey of partridges, brood of grouse, plump of wildfowl, stand of plover, wisp of snipe, nide of pheasant, bevy of quails, flight of pigeons”

Collective nouns pertaining to animals are known as terms of venery – stemming from medieval hunting traditions in England – ‘venery’ means the hunting of animals. The term of venery for elks is a ‘standing poo of elks’ (wikipedia ‘fact’, so hmm).

Gossip Spoons– “is another name for Apostle Spoons ie gilt spoons given by sponsors or ‘gossips’ (God-sib, related to God) to a child at a christening”.

‘Gossip’ turned up yesterday as well, here we have a derivation. Interesting that gossip seems to have started out as something virtuous.

Guinea Pigs– “Guinea pigs resemble pigs only in their grunting and their stupidity”

Jews– “…the individual vitality is proved by the almost entire absence of stillborn children”

It is disturbing that this is written in much the same way as the description of, say, giraffes.

Kent Snooks– “or as it is generally pronounced ‘cock snooks’, originally referred to the vulgar habits of the Kentish street boys in Sevenoaks, which is pronounced S’nooks

So where does ‘cocking a snook’ come into this? And when did Sevenoaks stop being pronounced s’nooks? Or is it still?!

Laughter– “is caused by the movements of the same facial muscles which produce crying”

As if they’ve worked this much out, but are still baffled as to why it might happen.

Light– “enables animals to ‘feel’ beyond the extent of their limbs, by exciting the medium in which the eye and the optic nerve are situated”

What the hell kind of definition is this?!


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  1. CarsmileSteve said

    i am enjoying it, just finding little to add :)

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