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More knowledge from the Cyclopaedia

Posted by Alix on 6 November 2007

On to D. This is more of an undertaking than I thought. I’ll probably never finish it. Bah. Anyway, here’s to now.

Daily Telegraph– “an independent gossipy paper…it has special wires from Paris and sent Mr. Stanley to Central Africa”

Opinions as to what constitutes gossip has altered a lot. I read a John Dickson Carr story recently where a news article about a man stealing hats from notable people’s heads is widely disparaged due to the insubstantial nature of the article – there is a distinct sense of this not being proper news, quite quite different to modern reportage, where we have hours of coverage and analysis on total non-events.

Earthquakes– “are probably caused by a change in the weight of the earth’s crust, and this is caused mainly by the removal of masses of soil from mountain tops to the ocean floor”

Emphasis on the ‘probably’.

Fascination– “lies in man’s mastery and woman’s witchery”

This ‘fascination’ sounds very dangerous. I hope it went the same way as the ammoniaphone, frankly.

Female suffrage– “has been much talked about since 1872 in this country, but has made very little progress, mainly owing to the unpopularity and tactlessness of some of its supporters”

That so-called women’s witchery isn’t looking so hot now, is it? Women, know your place.


2 Responses to “More knowledge from the Cyclopaedia”

  1. CarsmileSteve said

    oh, this witchery will be the end of you women!

  2. Alix said

    I know, but I’m addicted to it!

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