Fat Hands

she used to sit in this cafe, and just face the wall. And it wasn’t coffee she was drinking

Weekend roundup

Posted by Alix on 15 August 2007

Reporting back a bit late, but here’s what I did last weekend!

Went to the Great British Beer Festival on Friday and drank a range of exciting ales, and consumed many scotch eggs, pies, pork scratchings and pickled garlic. All of which were bloody lovely, even the garlic. I did write down the specific ales consumed but subsequently lost the train ticket I’d scribbled them down on, but from memory – Deuchars XPA, Magus, Ghost on the Rim, Albacore, Old Stoatwobbler, Hoppit, BeeWyched and Raspberry Belter. I can confirm that most were chosen because of the names.

Saturday I DJed at Poptimism. The brief was to use nothing but the CDs I’d bought in the charity shops of Totnes, given that this haul mostly consisted of Now 44 and other classics, I thought it might prove difficult, but was instead pretty easy, and prompted a very satisfying amount of dancing.

Sunday visited Columbia Road flower market which I found a little too poncey for my tastes, so headed off to Brick Lane where I ate the greatest salt beef bagel ever, and bought an ace cushion cover with pictures of sushi on it from Sunday (Up)Market. Rounded off the day with a trip to Hackney City Farm – this was ok but the animals were kind of mangy, and the cafe was poor (cappuccino’s that were 3/4 froth, that sort of thing).

I’ve been doing another blog too, solely for emphemera related to birds – it’s here (and in the side bar).


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