Fat Hands

she used to sit in this cafe, and just face the wall. And it wasn’t coffee she was drinking


Posted by Alix on 7 August 2007

1/That advert for some anti-ageing moisturiser nonsense where the woman says ‘DIAMOND’ in a loud whisper.
2/ That advert for Travel Supermarket where the woman says ‘As SOON as possible’ with regard to going to Barcelona.
3/ The fact that Transport for London seems to think it’s acceptable to have heaters going on the bus in the middle of summer. I wrote to them last year about this but never received a response. I resolve to evade the fares on the 38 once for each time it happens (also for each time I have to wait longer than 20 minutes for a bus).
4/ The inane tagging by ‘CREATE’ round the Hackney area (and wider I imagine). I love good graffiti, it can be decent artwork that brightens up places, or make you think or just makes you laugh. Create just makes the place look ugly with his/ her pointless scrawl. Is this the extent of their creation? Sad really.
5/ The reappearance of our house mouse.


3 Responses to “Annoyances”

  1. Rob said

    You’re either using the wrong bait or the boot is misaligned with the rickety staircase.

  2. CarsmileSteve said

    also, you forgot the reappearance of the Just For Men “ooh, that’s right on target” advert, which is possibly the single most disturbing thing on telly ever…

  3. Alix said

    I’m not sure I’ve seen that, does it involve a man with a lady friend, and is it vaguely innuendo-ish?

    I had loads of things I was annoyed by but forgot half of them!

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