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Visit. our.WebShite #3

Posted by Alix on 30 July 2007

(I forgot I was doing these)

Here’s number 3 – Voices From Care Cymru. If vomit could ever be in a context where it was also an injoke this website would be it. Visually it is awful, it’s garish, and text is nearly unreadable in places as a result (well, if not unreadable it’s discouraging and makes one’s eyes ache!). It looks a lot like a clip art infested newsletter that’s been scanned in, then embellished with scrolling bits and one of those infuriating menus that follows you down the page. The entire site seems to be written by a teenager, something which makes me cringe. Not just any teenager either but a teenager who can’t spell. That’s worse. For example this page on listening to music is utterly moronic. I’m not convinced youth is enough of an excuse.

The Who’s Who page has the obligatory shonky photos of the staff. Why do people never take decent photos for these sorts of things? And also, why are the images pushed to the side of the page?

The most terrifying part is the Virtual Visit section. This could also be called Photos as that’s all this is. Well, and some embarrassing cliquey jokes. The background image is a horrendous, swirly bad acid purple monstrosity, with clashing lime green/ red text. More crap photos of the staff ensue.

In its defence it’s easy enough to navigate, especially with the handy ‘stalking’ menu, and does seem to have a degree of substance behind the irritating crap.


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