Fat Hands

she used to sit in this cafe, and just face the wall. And it wasn’t coffee she was drinking


Posted by Alix on 6 June 2007

I like languages. I like the idea of there being more languages than I will ever have time to know. I also like ethnologue.com. It describes itself as ‘an encyclopedic reference work cataloging all of the world’s 6912 known living languages‘, which is pretty damn impressive, and bloody useful too. Each language listing includes features of the language in question such as the amount of speakers and its place in the language family tree. It also includes some extinct languages such as Norn and Nooksack, so the description isn’t entirely accurate. Anyway, it’s fun to dip into, but in case you don’t have time (and also have a childish sense of humour) here are the languages with the names that have pleased me most:

Anus ( from Indonesia)
Anal (India)
Bile (Nigeria)
Bats (Georgia)
Dong (Nigeria)
Enya (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Gimme (Cameroon)
Ho-Chunk (USA)
Kickapoo (USA)
Kopkaka (Indonesia)
Libido (Ethiopia)
Loo (Nigeria)
(Papua New Guinea)
Oy (Laos)
Odoodee (Papua New Guinea)
Pitta pitta (Australia)
Patpatar (Papua New Guinea)
Shatt (Sudan)
Squamish (Canada)
Sonia (Papua New Guinea)
Titan (Papua New Guinea)
Tumtum (Sudan)
Urhobo (Nigeria. Kind of only funny with the lolcat sense of ‘ur’)
War (Bangladesh)
Whitesands (Vanuatu)


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