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Letter from 1955

Posted by Alix on 26 May 2007

I bought a 1955 edition of Good Housekeeping‘s Cookery Book from Oxfam in Walthamstow. I like finding old cookbooks and this has to be the best I’ve found yet. It’s huge, and has a lot of colour and black and white plates, and adverts, and uses quite lovely fonts. There’s photos here.

What it also had, tucked into the front cover, were various cuttings from newspapers, handwritten recipes from 1968-70, and a short letter postmarked 1955. The writing paper is beautifully soft, and smells only a little musty (I always smell books and paper; I once bought a Yugoslavian phrasebook based solely on the way it smelled). The letter is quietly charming in its mundanity, and I thought it would be nice to repeat it here. I wonder if anyone knows the writer or the recipient? I would imagine they would be in their late 70s at least by now. I’ve added some full stops to aid comprehension, as it was strangely devoid of them for the most part.

Dear Helen and Everybody

Please accept my apologies for not writing before my only excuse is that I have not been well since my holiday. I suspect you are wondering how I have got on in my new job. Well I still have to deal with application forms but for hire purchase goods. I have to work out how much deposit they have to pay then how much to add for having it on hire then how much they have to pay monthly. It all sounds complicated but it isn’t because we have a couple of books that gives us all the answers. Well that tells you about the job about the people I cannot say much perhaps this will explain more one of the girls who work in another office said they do not welcome newcomers! But still I go home every dinner time so it isn’t too bad.

I saw Eva Saturday and she says there has been some changes in the office. More telephone calls I gather.

Helen I am going to try to come up to L.E.B on Saturday if so I will bring your book sorry that I have kept it so long.

Did you have a nice holiday. I am sorry I cannot write much only the children are asking for their tea. But will write again soon.



p.s Mr Gore how are the pigeons I bet they are getting fat!


One Response to “Letter from 1955”

  1. Pamela said

    That’s precious. I bet the pigeons ARE getting fat, Mr Gore. I saw what the Claptonian said about you btw. Excellent!

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