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she used to sit in this cafe, and just face the wall. And it wasn’t coffee she was drinking

Lazy post

Posted by Alix on 22 May 2007

Brief round-up of various stuffs, in place of a proper post. I’m rather keen tonight to switch off all devices and read in peace for a while, so I shall keep my tapping on the laptoptippytaptop to a minimum.

  • Tom has done something slighty wrong, slightly perplexing and turdally allsome.
  • The BBC’s Whistleblower program, aired tonight, about shoddy food hygiene practices in supermarkets. The supermarkets in question Tesco and Sainsbury’s, unsurprisingly, are saying it’s unrepresentative, and simply a training issue in the specific stores featured. I’m saying I worked in Sainsbury’s Harringay branch for four long years on the deli counter, and the show’s findings are completely representative and consistent with my experiences there. I won’t go into the long list of dubious practices encountered here (although if you really want to know feel free to email me!).
  • For some reason I knew nothing about this (via the smashing Claptonian), but I’m pretty excited by the idea, although should it happen I would have one less reason to leave my local area, which might increase my reputation for unsociability. Sign the petition y’all.
  • I got one of these for my birthday. Finally I have progressed into the world of MP3s and all that. It’s very dinky. (I had a good birthday, beers and boardgames in the Pembury Tavern, an overcast picnic on Hackney Downs and all the sushi in the world at Hi Sushi. A nice way to start being 27).

Really can’t dredge anything more from my mind. Probably time for bed now. Let’s see if Blogger can manage to publish this in all the same text size, eh?


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