Fat Hands

she used to sit in this cafe, and just face the wall. And it wasn’t coffee she was drinking

I Survived Vampire Atttack in Central London

Posted by Alix on 24 April 2007

A quick round up of me lately. I gave blood earlier, and am feeling the effects, so this may not be the most coherent thing ever.

I decided that my next project after the Rude Placenames on Google Maps should be to critique really rubbish websites. I seem to come across a fair few, mostly at work, and from today I shall be saving them on del.icio.us, and hopefully writing exactly why each deserves the worstwebsiteever tag. Hell, perhaps I’ll even give out awards. Now, it could be said that I am in no position to criticise other peoples attempts at website design, given my own limited abilities, but if everyone waited until they were competent before they attempted things it’d be a very dull world. Possibly safer though. More on this project shall follow soon. Also I’ve added links to all my so-called projects in the side bar.

Been to two great gigs recently – the Clientele played a blinding set at the Hoxton Square Bar (awful place, no idea why anyone would go there normally) the other week, and Camera Obscura played Koko last week. I love that I’ve followed both these bands for years and have been able to watch their progress. It’s that double edged thing though, where on the one hand you want them to do well and for everyone to know them, but on the other hand success often means they’ll become something you no longer like (plus gig tickets get dearer!). I’m mainly thinking of Belle and Sebastian’s XFMinisation here, and actually, I’ve come back round to them these days, after a short period in the wilderness of B&S indifference.

Various other things – a handful of nice dinners at Bodeans, Mirch Masala and Asadal (wonderfully scathing reviews at london-eating.co.uk). Sunday afternoon beers in the Calthorpe, bowling at Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, walking on the Walthamstow Marshes on sunny days, and one shambolic DJ set.

Now, to bed, where I shall read Maigret and replenish my supplies of O Rhesus Positive.


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