Fat Hands

she used to sit in this cafe, and just face the wall. And it wasn’t coffee she was drinking

The week that last week was

Posted by Alix on 3 April 2007

Feeling inundated by the number of things to read and consume. I am enjoying using Google Reader, but it is very addictive, like checking email just in case there’s something exciting. I think I can say I have got that hang of RSS and aggregation now, although I must admit I have no idea whether this blog has a working feed, or what I need to do to make sure it has one. I’d like one of those little RSS icons, rather than the shoddy attempt I’ve made in the sidebar which probably doesn’t even work. I would be worried about being the laughing stock of the blogosphere if I thought that more than six people read this blog (I am very grateful for the six of you though, don’t go away!) .

Since last posting I have:

  • Attended the Robyn gig at Cargo, which was smashing, if a little packed. She did twice as many songs this time, and they were all top notch. I had drank some tasty perry beforehand though, so was feeling a little less, er, objective than usual.
  • Been to the ICA to drink tea and look at the Secret Public exhibition. I don’t really remember much of the 80s, despite being there for all of it apart from the first 5 months (where I lived it was still the 70s until 1988), but I find something quite moving in the underground art and performance from then, it has a certain charm and innocence.
  • Discovered Asakusa on Eversholt Street – lovely atmosphere and decor, and delicious, yet decently priced Japanese food. Shall be going back.
  • Walked the Parkland Walk (green man pictured above) from Finsbury Park to Highgate, then on to Waterlow Park. Steve took some photos. I like this one a lot – in an ideal world it might embarrass taggers into giving up, but it’s unlikely.
  • Volunteered at Tower Hamlets Cemetery to help clear ivy from the graves and unearth crackhead’s lairs.
  • Saw Jenny Wilson and Strange Idols gig at Water Rats. Neither were desperately impressive – Jenny Wilson suffered from atrocious sound levels that made nothing sound pleasant, and Strange Idols suffered from the singers inability to know when to stop singing (she insisted on ‘la la la ba ba baing over every bit that wasn’t lyrics, when she should have given it a rest and let the band take over, especially seeing as her voice was average at best. She also lacked any charisma and looked like a really annoying poser of a girl who, like, really really loves Debbie Harry!)
  • Today I walked the 4.6 miles home from work using the excellent directions given on walkit.com. I recommend it, especially now spring has sprung.

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