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Minor Annoyances

Posted by Alix on 25 March 2007

A while back I bought this magazine rack from Argos. I admit I didn’t look very hard at it before buying; I needed a basic magazine rack and it seemed to fit the bill. It arrived, and I assembled it. All was going well so far. Then the crucial part – adding some magazines into the equation. It quickly became apparent that there is a fundamental flaw – namely that the struts are horizontal, and that the two lowest struts do not meet at the bottom, leaving a half inch gap – meaning that any magazine that is narrower than an average magazine, such as the latest issue of Nude, slips through the rack onto the floor (see photo for the rack in action, with rudimentary paint job by myself) . I would say that this is a remarkably poor piece of design – I would have imagined that ‘capacity to hold magazines’ would be considered an essential feature of a magazine rack but it would seem Argos disagree. How does this sort of thing get into shops?

More pleasing is the cruet set I bought in Islington yesterday – egg salt and pepper shakers, and also this lovely hen tea towel by tagltd.com (I wouldn’t bother clicking the link unless you’re a wholesaler – it won’t let you browse the catalogue unless you prove you are a shop, which apparently may take a few days. I find that sort of thing really offputting; what’s so hard about displaying your produce generally and then listing retail stockists?).

Again I forgot to mention the radio thing – I was on again earlier today, talking about hoaxes.


3 Responses to “Minor Annoyances”

  1. Alix said

    I dunno why it says that was posted at 6.52pm, it’s 22.14pm.

  2. Rob said

    Just one of those things that makes Argos so unique in the world of retail.

  3. Alix said

    It teaches me really, for being too lazy to go somewhere good and nice.

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