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she used to sit in this cafe, and just face the wall. And it wasn’t coffee she was drinking

Let Down

Posted by Alix on 7 March 2007

Well, I am officially annoyed. I was expected someone off of Hackney Freecycle to come and collect some of my old stuff tonight ‘after eight’ (like the mint, yes). It is now considerably after eight, and no one has come. It’s a shame, as all previous experiences with Freecycle have been good.

What have I been liking this week though? That’s a much nicer subject!

  • Strange Maps, plus a link in the comments of said blog to this. Also caught the last days of the British Museum’s London a Life in Maps. Always impressed by how a lot of London has developed pretty recently really – it’s hard to imagine lots of Hackney being fields only a 150ish years ago.
  • Sushi shower curtains. They don’t say how much international shipping costs, but damn it I am tempted by these!
  • The Pines – It’s Been A While
  • Robyn gig at Proud Galleries in Camden – interesting space, reminscence of Rizla Tent at Glasto, but indoors, with life size fibreglass horses postioned around the place. Amusing.
  • Hot Fuzz, preceded by tapas at El Molino on Holloway Road. Both recommended.
  • Oldish cookbooks. I need to start caring about photos more, some of these are quite shoddy, lighting wise.
  • Dogs. I am going to Crufts this Sunday. I don’t want to give the impression that I am some kind of dog enthusiast, I am simply curious to see what it’s like there. Also Eurovision was too expensive.

In a week of hair care experimentation including a disasterous olive oil and honey conditioner episode I went for extreme minimalism and washed my hair just with soap. Now, there’s plenty of people who advise against this, but to be quite honest it’s worked out perfectly acceptably. Clearly there is an evil cabal of hairdressers advocating the use of utterly unnecessary product.

In other news I have abandoned Technorati for being too slow and crap. Google Reader seems to satisfy my requirements. I am still kind of unsure about various RSS type stuff but I’m making progress. It’s unnerving to have neglected to keep up to date with technology for a few years then to find yourself so far behind you can barely understand anything anyone says about it.


2 Responses to “Let Down”

  1. Anonymous said

    Thank God, you’ve now seen Hot Fuzz. I can start saying ‘By the power of greyskull!’ in front of you without worrying that I’ll ruin the best bit.

    Think about DINNER NEXT WEEK – WHERE and WHAT?


  2. Anonymous said

    Yum… El Molino is fab. Not so sure about the curtains though. Fishy, wasabi showers?


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