Fat Hands

she used to sit in this cafe, and just face the wall. And it wasn’t coffee she was drinking

Car Booty

Posted by Alix on 25 February 2007

I went to Kilburn car boot sale the other weekend, my second visit there. I like the chance element of it – coming home on the Silverlink with a haul of disparate items I had no intention of purchasing until I saw them. I’ve gone from extreme frugality to random spending in the space of a few years. One thing I got from the car boot was a teaspoon with a little plaque thing at the head of the handle. I remember my granny having loads of these when I was a nipper, but I don’t think I’ve encountered any since I moved to London. One more of those inconsequential items that fade away from memory until you happen across them years later in other contexts, which then prompts fragments of recollection. Nice to be reminded of the past by a spoon. Uncomplicated, I suppose. I refrained from buying the rest of the spoons the seller had; they were mainly souvenir spoons with the device of various towns and cities on them and none of them seemed special enough to spend 50p on! I don’t really want to become a spoon collector, tempting as it is. I might become a vintage matchbox collector though – I found these quite enchanting. More photos of the haul on my Flickr.


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