Fat Hands

she used to sit in this cafe, and just face the wall. And it wasn’t coffee she was drinking

On Your Radio

Posted by Alix on 23 February 2007

I was on the radio recently, on Resonance FM (go and donate!) on Freaky Trigger and the Lollards of Pop. Twice. It was really fun! The second time I was completely hopped on coffee, which helped no end, although waiting for the caffeine to wear off was quite unpleasant. I should stick to one cup maximum, it’s clear that any more than that makes me crazy. You can listen to the radio sessions here and here. I was surprised to listen back to it and hear that I didn’t sound as nervous as I felt, and hear that my voice is not as horrendous as I’d always assumed (I’m still posh as hell though). I think I am well on the way to becoming the type of person who loves the sound of their own voice. This can’t be good.


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