Fat Hands

she used to sit in this cafe, and just face the wall. And it wasn’t coffee she was drinking

I’m a tumbler

Posted by Alix on 11 February 2007

Went to the Horniman Museum yesterday – full of slightly decrepit stuffed animals and birds and wonderfully lettered labels and signs. I’m not sure I’ve seen quite so much taxidermy in one place before. I intend to go back to take more photos of all the signs. I was more interested in them than the exhibits really.

Today I went to Tower Hamlets Cemetery to help clear ivy from graves. It was strangely satisfying, although I managed to desecrate one grave a little bit. Not too much though; I don’t think some revengeful dead dude is going to be on my trail.

I picked up some nice Staffordshire crockery at Kilburn car boot sale a few Saturdays ago (above). Am finding it rather enjoyable to drink tea using a cup and a saucer. Sort of ties in with living in the 1930s in my mind due to reading an awful lot of Agatha Christie. I’ve also started a Flickr group for Agatha Christie bookcovers. Three whole members so far.

Watching more Gilmore Girls now.


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