Fat Hands

she used to sit in this cafe, and just face the wall. And it wasn’t coffee she was drinking

Solo Polo Vision

Posted by Alix on 28 April 2006

We walked down to The Round Chapel in Clapton at the weekend to see the Anthony McCall installation – Between You and I. It was mainly an excuse to see the inside of the building itself, which turned out to be a bit futile as the interior was in total darkness. The art itself was impressive enough though – a room of dry ice and darkness with 2 cones of light coming down from the ceiling, tracing slowly moving lines on the floor, and the dry ice making the light look solid. We had fun passing in and out of the walls of light, and watching the smoke whirl and change. At times it was like being in a tepee of smoke.
Last night we went to the NFT for Antenna, watched a range of nice music videos, including ones for Hot Chip, Psapp, and Jamie Lidell, which I liked, and then listened to Daniel Levi and some producer whose name I forget talk about directing videos for the Concretes and other bands. Apparently the Concretes are a bit repressed. I’m sure there’s more notable things to say about this, and I think I’ve forgotten to mention something I really liked, but there you go.


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