Fat Hands

she used to sit in this cafe, and just face the wall. And it wasn’t coffee she was drinking

Bad News No-one

Posted by Alix on 26 April 2006

That’ll be me forgetting to write anything for a month nearly. What have I done? Well, I went to see the Mighty Boosh at the beginning at the month, at Hammersmith Apollo, which was great fun, and reminded me how much I like live theatre type things, and then depressed me when I realised that I hardly ever go to see anything of this type. I think the last time I went to the theatre was to see Shock Headed Peter, which was at least 3 years ago now.
I also have been to see the Knife at the Scala – which was ace – all enigmatic masks and screens across the stage, and bass so hard you need to sit down for a bit. I was happy, in a way that they didn’t do an encore because I am bored with the whole encore/ expectation of encore thing.
I’ve also done a bit more voluntary work, this time digging weeds and planting flowers in Tower Hamlets Cemetery. I’d only ever been there hungover before, and hadn’t realised how nice it is in there. I saw a pair of woodpeckers really close, which was lovely. In other horticulture news, my basil is doing ok, the mint has stuck out tentative sprouts, and the coriander has wilted and died. I still can’t actually work out why things grow or don’t grow, any success is strictly coincidental.
I’ve also been hanging out in Biddle Brothers more than usual, the clientele seems to be quite varied depending which night you go. Last time there was an absolutely awful PJ Harvey wannabe called Listen Lisse whose songs were far too long, far too dreary and far too shit. She played for 90 minutes, to an enraptured crown of eight, who I assumed were her friends. The rest of the bar crammed themselves up the other end of the bar, to get away.
I’ve started on the Junior Pear’s Cyclopaedia, with editions 2 and 8 so far. I think I prefer these to the ‘adult’ Pears, as they have something of the Arthur Ransome about them. Although aimed at younger people they seem to expect that the reader will be wanting to learn fairly complex things. Why aren’t children’s books as ambitious nowadays? I’ve also found a few more adult Pears, but so far I only seem to be finding ones from the late 70s/ early 80s. I’d like to find older ones.
We went to the fair a few weekends ago, to hang out with the carnies. Bruising fun, ate a bit too much candyfloss.
I watched the Hairy Biker’s Cook Book the other week – they made a doner kebab! I was very impressed. I’d never imagined that you could make kebabs just like that. Not perfectly sure how I previously thought it was done, mind you. I guess it was just one of those knowledge holes that you don’t notice until it gets filled in.


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