Fat Hands

she used to sit in this cafe, and just face the wall. And it wasn’t coffee she was drinking


Posted by Alix on 27 February 2006

Manchester was pleasant. Stayed at the surprisingly ornate Britannia Hotel, with its impressive chandeliers and fancy wallpaper. Went to Clique on Friday night, which was enjoyable, despite the place being pretty chilly. Saturday was spent wandering about – Manchester has a nice farmers market, where I bought some lovely Chorley cakes. Also had a look round the Manchester Art Gallery – nice, but nothing really stood out. On our return to London on Saturday night we went drinking with some charming people from Ireland, Sweden and Japan, trailing from pub to pub on the Euston road looking for ones that were open late. I cannot really recommend any of the places we ended up in, but they served us, which is the main thing. The bus journey home was decidedly queasy, but happily this seemed to replace the hangover the next day. Sunday briefly popped into Tate Modern and looked at Rachel Whiteread’s thing. Fairly nice, but I would have preferred a maze of some sort. Then we had a very passable carvery lunch in The Anchor, then a couple of strawberry Fruli’s in the Southwark Tavern.
Nothing much more to report. Been browsing selfsuffientish.com and getting ideas, and watching American Gothic on replay telly.


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