Fat Hands

she used to sit in this cafe, and just face the wall. And it wasn’t coffee she was drinking

Wiff Waff Woof

Posted by Alix on 30 January 2006

Quite a nice weekend, started with a QNI on Friday, accompanied by a cheap bottle of red, and Judge John Deed. I failed to drink very much of the wine, and feel a bit guilty for buying a whole bottle. I need to start buying those little bottles instead. Seems a bit wrong somehow. Saturday we went into town so I could go to Lush and Muji and spend too much money, and also go to Stanford’s to perve at maps and wonder why globes cost so much. I bought a reproduction of an 1894 map of Lower Clapton, which shows that it really did all used to be fields round there. I’d quite like to get this or this as well. We then went to the ICA to see A Bittersweet Life, part of the Brilliant Korea season. It’s a revenge film, which owes a lot to Kill Bill and I suspect that had it been a British or American production I would have thought it a little derivative and predictable, and it was, plot wise, but the language and location difference made it still seem exotic and fresher. I did like the suggestion that it could all have been a fantasy – a predictable twist but one that helped negate the sheer violence of the preceding two hours. I’m not the most discerning cinemagoer, which means that the specialness of visiting a cinema makes up for any shortcomings in the film itself. I picked up a copy of Found magazine at the ICA shop, which reminded me how much I love random discoveries and unintentional insights into other people’s lives. We finished Saturday by getting some Thai food on Old Compton Street at Lion City, which was all right, but nothing special.
Sunday I had a coin day with the Atommick Brane and the Boy of Badgers. A coin day is where decisions are made by tossing a coin. It results in random perambulations in areas one wouldn’t usually end up, and a strange sense of liberty and light heartedness, which I guess comes from the lack of responsibility for how the day develops. We started at Whitechapel, and walked east up the Mile End Road, pretty soon realising that this would only lead us slowly to Stratford, so we veered north, passing a Jewish graveyard, and stopping briefly in a playground with some baffling, futuristic play equipment which proved painful and cold to use. We then happened upon a boot sale, where we bought a few choice items, and availed ourselves of the toilets. I found a 51st edition of the Pears Cyclopaedia to add to my collection (I already have the 83rd and 90th editions already). This edition was from 1940 and includes information about the War Against Aggression 1939-? I wonder when they decided to start calling it WWII. We left the boot sale and walked up the canal and through a bit of Mile End park, then, pretty hungry, consulted a local expert about places to eat, which ended up with us going round their house, interrupting their peaceful Sunday afternoon and drinking their tea. We then walked up to Victoria Park, arriving at the recommended pub just in time for the kitchens to shut, so we walked up through the park itself into a strangely gentrified bit of Hackney at the northwest end of the park, where we ate pizza in The Lauriston, which is an empty shell of a pub, with all the nice bits of pubbishness removed. It was cold and bare, and the bar staff were polite but inexperienced. I can’t find it listed anywhere so I guess it’s new. We called a day on coin day as the light was fading, and ended up at mine watching The Deadly Assassin, drinking more tea.


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