Fat Hands

she used to sit in this cafe, and just face the wall. And it wasn’t coffee she was drinking

The Long Mover

Posted by Alix on 23 January 2006

Saturday I made the ginger root cake again – it went a bit wrong as I burned it slightly then tried remove the burned bits before it had cooled properly. Then I made the icing too runny. I didn’t take any pictures of it, as I was a bit annoyed by it not coming out well. It tasted fine though. I chucked in some cocoa powder for good measure and decorated it with chocolate raisons and glace cherries. I made a similar cake a week ago, but decorated with foam shrimp and strawberry sweets. Having worked for a large bakery as a cake finisher I should be good at decorating, but I seem incapable of doing anything more than scattering penny sweets on the cake top.
Saturday also saw me come up with a solution to the problem of kitchen storage, and from now on I will be saving Minute Maid orange juice bottles, as they make good containers for rice/ lentils/ sugar etc. This also makes me feel a bit less bad for throwing away perfectly recyclable plastic as Hackney Council don’t yet take plastic. It’s just a shame that Minute Maid are part of Coca Cola.
Sunday I got up unfashionably early and went to Belsize Nature Reserve with BTCV where I dug out a pathway, sawed some stakes, and hammered things with a mallet. It was good, muddy fun, and I shall be doing more volunteering in the future. The nature reserve was directly to the rear of the Lawn Road Flats so I got to study them whilst I dug. Later on Sunday I roasted a piece of pork – I decided to sit it in a roasting dish full of cider, which worked reasonably well, but would have worked better had I been able to find dry cider rather than sweet cider. I also watched quite a lot of series one of the Mighty Boosh.


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