Fat Hands

she used to sit in this cafe, and just face the wall. And it wasn’t coffee she was drinking

Mehr Unsinn

Posted by Alix on 4 January 2006

I’ve started this year with a determination to be good. The whole festive period saw massive junk food consumption, culminating in a trip to Glasgow, where, for a very brief moment I considered ordering deep fried pizza (the first thing that comes up when you put ‘deep fried pizza’ into Google is begbie.com). Even without actually doing this I feel uneasy that I came even a little bit near to it, and know now that I must start being healthier. Macca lookalike Gillian McKeith was on Radio Two yesterday with her secrets for having a healthy tongue. I love the way she keeps raising the healthiness bar – simply eating the right foods isn’t enough nowadays, you have to eat them in the right way so you get a nice tongue (the trick, apparently, is thorough mastication). Anyway, Christmas was pleasant and low key; we got a nice organic duck and glazed it, and roasted a load of vegetables, and I tried and failed to make gravy. I got a book about dancing with cats, which seems to be a genuine pastime.
Not much else happened until New Years – I idled about, alternating between making gingerbread biscuits and reading some of the other books I have accumulated recently. I seem to be reading very slowly these days; I suppose I have less time for it. I found a half price copy of Anna Pavord’s The Naming of Names, which made a very nice Christmas present to myself, however it’s too bulky to be commute or bedtime reading, so I expect it will take me months to finish.
BBC Three was repeating Casanova, which I missed most of when it was first broadcast, so I enjoyed that at my leisure, watching it on Home Choice replay over a number of days. The David Tennant theme continued with The Christmas Invasion, also good.
Glasgow for New Years (Hogmanay, sorry) was good – mainly spent in pubs and pub like places, as most places had closed for the holidays. New Years Eve was spent in Mono, watching some average bands, also had a look at the area on the Clyde near the Armadillo, and spent a grey and rainy half hour in the Necropolis. Had a look at the Art School, on the last evening, somewhat hard to make much out in the dark, but always nice to see some Mackintosh. I also picked up some cheap books in Fopp on Mackintosh, and Art Deco. There are photos here.


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