Fat Hands

she used to sit in this cafe, and just face the wall. And it wasn’t coffee she was drinking

Another Average Weekend

Posted by Alix on 19 December 2005

I used to have nothing to do at weekends, and would lie about for hours reading crap, and doing things like clearing out cupboards and alphabetising my cds. It seems lately though (and the festive season may have something to do with this) that I have plenty of stuff to do, and not very much time to idle. I am looking forward to an emptier calendar come the New Year. Anyway, this weekend was reasonably full, although not hectic. I purposefully stayed in on Friday night to see the last in this series of Peep Show, a tiny tiny bit less well executed than previous episodes, but still a smashingly appalling series end.
Saturday morning Sieve and I went to Argun art supplies shop in Hackney, where I got a present for my brother, and also some card upon which I will mount photos, when I get round to it. I was pleased to see that they stock ‘Skin Tones of the World’ wax crayons. Later we joined other Grokists at the Sekforde Arms, and then to St John, where I was impressed with both the lovely food, and the service. I do like it when the waiter is obviously well trained and efficient. Then, some wine, port and a few buses later we ended up at the top end of the Caledonian Road for a party. Despite not feeling all that drunk I managed to both tear my coat sleeve on a harmless looking garden gate, and also imbibe some Cynar, a foul tasting artichoke liquor, both events suggesting I was less sober than I estimated. Got home around 3.30am, woken a few hours later by the downstairs dog. Every time I think about the dog I think also about the really poor early Manics song called ‘Damn Dog’, which just makes everything worse.
Sunday we had greasy breakfast in Café Rose on the Lower Clapton Road, which made me feel like I’d betrayed St John’s legacy, but where I was reminded how nice hash browns are, and also how rubbish cheap sausages are. Bought some lamb, mint and mango sausages for Saturday’s breakfast from Waitrose, which were fantastic, and the memory of them was fresh as I ate my Sunday breakfast. Then went to Stoke Newington to do a bit of Christmas shopping and get myself some stuff. Picked up a cheap book about Art Nouveau, and a new wallet by Nook Art, with skulls and crossbones on it. I’ve decided that my new approach to choosing things is to ask myself this – ‘What would Nancy Blackett do?’ and then act accordingly. So, lots of pirate stuff, essentially. Later Sieve and I wandered over to Lord Sukrat’s Booky Lair, where I was quite sleepy and probably rambled a bit. Nice ginger cake though.


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