Fat Hands

she used to sit in this cafe, and just face the wall. And it wasn’t coffee she was drinking

19th Century Birds, plus mulled wine

Posted by Alix on 5 December 2005

Finally spent some time walking around my new local area this weekend, and discovered that it is actually pretty interesting. Saturday was the annual Chatsworth Road Festival which had the usual stalls of stuff that’s quite nice but not quite nice enough to buy, and a few other things including live music and activities for children (this almost always means samba bands and face painting, respectively). What was more exciting for me was finding two independent charity shops – no Fair Trade coffee in sight, and very little regard for sorting the stock into categories. Both were veritable caves of tat. I bought a book on vegetarian cookery, and one on houseplant cultivation (the latter is written by one ‘Ann Bonar’, which amused some people). I was very tempted by a yellow-paged Marguerite Patten cookbook, circa 1970, but was put off by the recipe for ‘brown bone stock’. There was also an old, possibly permanently closed newsagency with giant packets of gum in the window. We (Sieve, Elly & myself) wandered off to the Eclipse pub to escape the rain, and to wait for the Atommick Brane. We’d already had a bit too much cheap mulled wine by this point, from a stall at the festival. We briefly returned to the festival where I bought some drawings of birds (this missal thrush, and a lark of some kind) from a 19th century book by Francis Orpen Morris. I think I am going to extend my interest in watercolour illustrations to birds and flowers, and not just stick to vegetables. This site makes me quite excited, as does this image. We retired to the flat, where I roasted some tasty lamb chops and vegetables, with an aubergine, courgette, chorizo and zaatar starter, and mulled more wine, and watched TMWRNJ before going to Biddle Brothers to round off the day’s drinking.
Sunday was lazier. I read the paper, cut out some recipes, cleaned up all the red wine from around the hob, and for reasons best kept to myself breakfasted on a pickled egg, followed by some chorizo. Later I walked again down Chatsworth Road, onto Homerton Road and onto the Hackney Marshes and wandered around taking photos. I came home when I was satisfied that I had taken enough photos of fallen leaves. Once home I decided it was time to use up some cardboard boxes, and made a Christmas tree out of them, and painted it, and made a star, and some baubles for it. It looks really good, I think…


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