Fat Hands

she used to sit in this cafe, and just face the wall. And it wasn’t coffee she was drinking

Pies and wizard hats

Posted by Alix on 25 November 2005

I have never eaten a Pukka Pie, I used to be a bit anti short crust pastry, and anyway, faced with the menu in a chippie I’ve always tended to go for fish or sausage. I have always loved their posters though. Their website doesn’t seem to have all of them (see under ‘point of sale and heaters’); sadly it doesn’t have ‘MilleniYUM’ from 1999/2000, but it does have the ones where the pie is used as an accompaniment to seduction, weddings, and post-coital snacking. It isn’t the same people on each poster, which suggests it isn’t a photo story, mores the pity. I’d love to see future adverts where the now married couple are enjoying pies whilst mum breastfeeds their baby, or the mum could put pies in her child’s lunchbox. Then years later, it could be about the now stoned, teenage offspring of the pie couple getting the munchies and eating loads of the pies.

I’ve also been enjoying the archives on Gorky’s.com. There’s big gaps in my collection of Gorky’s records, and the archives just make me feel more guilty for not buying more of their records. They do seem to have grown with me – when I was younger I enjoyed things like wizard hats and capes, and unhinged music, now I am of cake baking age I am more keen for nice gentle but a still little unhinged music.


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