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Cakes galore, and some beer

Posted by Alix on 23 November 2005

I made this carrot cake the other night – it’s the second ever cake that I have cooked entirely on my own. It’s also the second cake involving vegetables (the first being the swede variant of this). The carrot cake went well, despite having to substitute maple syrup for golden syrup, because Morrison’s in Holloway is rubbish compared to the one in Peckham. I liked the lemon icing on the swede cake, but it came out a bit too sickly on the carrot cake. The raisons, which apparently cause some contention among proper cooks, were a successful ingredient in my opinion, but Sieve picked out all of his. I was quite pleased with the edge of the cake – it has the right balance between crispy and chewy, and tastes sort of bittersweet and fruity. I’m going to do another of the ginger root cakes tonight, but with parsnip or turnip if I can find some, and might attempt a cream cheese icing. I used root ginger in the first one, because I didn’t realise that root and stem ginger are different. I still have some root ginger left and seeing as it didn’t seem to make the cake disgusting I think I will continue to use it. I like the hardcoreness of root ginger too. None of this added syrup nonsense for me. I would attempt another cake entirely (maybe this), but this one is intended for more people that just Sieve and me and I’m playing it safe. I suspect it might taste good with some kind of liquor in it, so might try that.

I was relieved to find that Holloway Waitrose has started stocking Liefman’s Kriek. Just before I moved from Peckham the Morrison’s there had begun doing both the frambozen and the kriek, but since moving to Clapton I’ve only been able to find the framboise, which although very pleasant isn’t what I want. I did buy the Belle Vue Kriek a few times but it seems to lack something, and be a bit less sweet. Also it doesn’t come in an exciting paper wrapper that makes every bottle feel like an unexpected present, which helps when I remember how much they cost, and berate myself for not yet learning to like cheaper beer.


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