Fat Hands

she used to sit in this cafe, and just face the wall. And it wasn’t coffee she was drinking


Posted by Alix on 17 November 2005

My cravings for hot tasty liquid are only partially sated by having soup for supper once or twice a fortnight, and more and more in the cold months I find myself wanting to drink something warming. Caffeine is generally a terrible idea in my case, so I’ve been drinking increasing amounts of herbal teas. At first I was just drinking peppermint, and a mug of Dr Stuart’s peppermint every afternoon has now become a daily event, but to keep myself amused I’ve been trying other blends, mainly Twining’s concoctions such as Ginger and Lemon (4/5), and Elderflower, Rose and Strawberry (results pending). I also drink a mug of Dr Stuart’s detox tea every morning, it tastes a bit funny, but I am convinced it is doing me no end of good (actually, I am convinced that ‘detox’ is merely a euphemism for laxative, but there’s nothing wrong with being regular). My quest to fill the kitchen cupboard with nothing but herbal tea has been helped by discovering Phoenicia in Kentish Town, which stocks a massive range of the things, helpfully for my wallet they are mainly labelled in foreign languages and I am too scared to buy them based on the little illustrations of berries and leaves.


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