Fat Hands

she used to sit in this cafe, and just face the wall. And it wasn’t coffee she was drinking

Service Disruption Announcement

Posted by Alix on 29 August 2009

Apologies everyone, for the lack of activity here. All my time seems to be getting taken up by blogging over at The Vintage Cookbook Trials, and I find that much more exciting currently than blogging here, so I guess this blog is on hiatus for the foreseeable. Good thing there was nothing that exciting here ever, isn’t it?!


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Clapton is Super Good

Posted by Alix on 13 April 2009

Update on this. Unfortunately I managed to delete the photo I had of the Clapton est Tres Buen graffiti but this is currently on the hoardings by the bus stop. I wonder what next?


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A great idea!

Posted by Alix on 12 February 2009

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X on a Roomba

Posted by Alix on 1 February 2009

Today I have been trawling YouTube for rather niche interest videos, namely things riding Roombas. Here are my research findings:

1. Kittens

2. A Rabbit

3. A cat

4. A child

5. A Guinea Pig

6. Another cat

OK, that’s enough. I kind of want a roomba now. And a confusion of kittens.

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Albums of the year, according to my last.fm

Posted by Alix on 4 January 2009

I’ve been using last.fm all year, and have a policy of mostly putting it on shuffle. There’s a whole load of random stuff on my itunes, so it often comes out looking a bit weird. The chart below shows my most played albums of the last 12 months, and on the whole it seems a fairly accurate reflection of my listening this year, despite my scattergun approach.  There’s a couple of surprises – Wire coming in second is odd – I rarely put Wire on, and don’t recall listening to them much at all.  Sodastream I’m not sure what they’re doing there as I didn’t even think I had put that album on itunes, and don’t remember listening to them more than a couple of times. The high incidence of M.Ward, Destroyer, White Hinterland, Shins and Roxy Music are fair though, and it’s good to see the Clientele making inroads into the chart. What’s missing is Fleet Foxes – I don’t think I ever uploaded this to itunes, otherwise it’d be pretty near the top, I think.


My top artist for the year was Destroyer, thanks to me putting in some dedicated listening in the last few months. Really quite an impressive performance given that they were mostly unknown to me before the summer.

My top track was White Hinterland’s Dreaming of the Plum Trees, which was the first WH song I heard, and I played it a lot.

So, onwards into 2009. I wonder what music it will bring?

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Rounding off the year

Posted by Alix on 30 December 2008


A quick blitz through things from various places, from recent times. A list, in other words.

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Bork bork bork

Posted by Alix on 22 December 2008

Crikey, almost 2 months between posts. I’m only writing now because I feel guilty. In lieu of actual content I’d just like to wish everyone a merry winterlude, Yule has come and gone, the days can only get longer, and in a week or so we’ll all be making promises to ourselves to make 2009 better in various ways, promises which’ll be forgot come March. Ah well. My holidays are hopefully going to include listening to lots of gloomyuplifting music, drinking port, and watching this sort of thing:

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Rambling in the rain

Posted by Alix on 2 November 2008

I went rambling in Kent yesterday. It was very very very rainy and muddy, but fun despite the very real risk of trenchfoot. We rambled around Pluckley, including visits to two nice pubs. The local ale in the Dering Arms is smashing, light yet firm, and very welcome after a long trek in the gathering dusk. The Swan Inn at Little Chart does possibly the best steak and ale pie I’ve ever eaten; here it is a few moments before I demolished it:

It was really too wet to take many photos, but here’s a couple I managed:

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Vintage Cooking blog

Posted by Alix on 25 October 2008

It’s very young, almost embryonic, but I’m also blogging over here at The Vintage Cookbook Trials – the idea is for the contributors to cook various dishes from old cookbooks and blog the results. So, if you like cooking, vintage recipes or ideally both, please head over!

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Search phrases

Posted by Alix on 30 September 2008

I’d just like to say hello to blog visitors who have come here after searching for the phrases which follow below. I hope you eventually found what you were looking for, if not here, then somewhere else.

  • wiff waff
  • dorset brothel
  • fat in hands
  • what is wiff waff
  • fat nasty greasy pictures
  • hands are very fat
  • picture fat hand
  • drunk cat

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